Thursday, March 18, 2010

God With Us

“That sounds about right.” She said walking together in the first warmth of spring.
A big sky.
A bright sun and the expanse of outside after a winter of the same four walls.
This expanse an audience.

“That sounds about right.” She said over coffee in the din of a busy cafĂ©.
Small tribes gather.
A man prattles about local politics and every table a world.
The din listens in.

“That sounds about right.” She moans bitterly, retreating to her room to center.
A moment of defeat.
An endless sea of tears with unanswered petitions threatening life.
The questions bear witness.

“That sounds about right.” She said after daring to say what screams in the soul.
A new old friend.
A sense of being known outside time, effort, and expectation.
Destiny turns an ear.

“That sounds about right.” She said driving in her car with Bright Eyes.
Alone in the taxi.
The Washington Monument towers and a silent back seat feels crowded by Presence.
God with us.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Our Small Daily Choices Make a Difference

Theology Mama on Green Mama; The Guilt-Free Guide to Helping You and Your Kids Save the Planet.

A helpful and needed book just released entitled Green Mama by Tracey Bianchi. Tracey is the director of women's ministries for Christ Church of Oak Brook in Illinois. She is a smart cookie with her master of divinity from Denver Seminary and she is an editorial advisor for Christianity Today's Gifted for Leadership newsletter and for FullFill magazine.

Tracey is a friend and a committed woman who wrote a book about going green from her deep convictions and her deep faith. Tracey is also a mama who lives in the suburbs and who struggles, like the rest of us, to make wise choices regarding the environment in a world that seems to not care too much about it.

What I love about Bianchi's Green Mama is it makes going green more than a "trend" or an unattainable guilt-ridden idea. Green Mama is an enjoyable read which inspired me and gave me practical ways as a busy mom to be an example for my children and how, as a family, we can make a difference. Green Mama put power into my hands and made me aware my small, daily choices make a difference.

In Green Mama, Tracey offers tips and spiritual inspiration and motivation to make wise choices for the environment. Tracey is not out to guilt the busy mom, but rather reminds us that green living is an invitation to creative partnership with God in caring for His Creation.

Pick up a copy of Tracey's book at Amazon.

Also, check out Tracey's awesome blog: